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Q: How do I join the server?
A: Contact me (Arella), and I'll give you the log in info.

Q: What kind of server is this?
A: It is a special city-building server, run in survival mode. Each player gets to establish their own town, and later a nation (with additional towns). Plots of land can be purchased to expand the town further, creating an entire empire. The bigger your empire, the better!

Q: What mods does the server have?
A: We run a Bukkit-based server, complete with Essentials, iConomy, Chest Shop, Permissions, and Towny! On our server you can not only set up towns and nations, but also send private messages, add friends, set up custom shops, buy and sell goods in the "neutral area", and more!

Q: What do I have to install to play?
A: Nothing aside from the most up-to-date version of Minecraft! We highly recommend installing Optifine and the Dokucraft texture packs, but they aren't needed to play along!

Q: What happens when I log in?
A: You'll be given a basic kit of stone tools, and if an admin is online (and they probably will be, if you're being allowed on for the first time) they will give you creative mode. You will not be able to destroy or take anything (and all item grabs from the creative menu are logged, so no cheating allowed!). This will give you the ability to fly, and seek out the area where you want to establish your town. The further away from spawn, the better! You'll be given some starter money to establish your first town, then creative will be turned off for good. Start your town, and begin your adventure!

Q: How do I buy and sell things?
A: Most towns will have a shop set up, where they sell things they make and grow. But if you teleport to the neutral area there is a giant server shop to buy things you need, and sell the things you don't. Pick out a sign with the item in question, left click to sell, right click to buy!


/warp neutral - Teleports you to the neutral town where you can buy and sell things.

/mail read - Reads your personal messages.
/mail clear - Clears all your messages.
/mail send [user] [message] - Sends a private message.
/mail sendall [message] - Sends a message to everyone.

/me - Emotes.
/nick [nickname] - Sets your nickname.
/afk - Sets your status to AFK.
/sethome - Sets your home location. Best to do after making your town.
/home - Warps you home.
/money - Checks your personal balance.
/pay [player] [amount] - Pays a player some money from your balance.
/tp [user] - Teleports you to the person of your choosing.
/compass - Gives you your location.
/suicide - Kills your character.
/towny map - Shows you a rough map of plots and land edges.

/town new [townname] - Creates your first town!
/town list - Lists every town on the server.
/town spawn [name] - Teleports you to the spawn block of a town.
/town claim - Claims a plot of land labeled as "Wilderness", each plot is $2000, and it must be connected to your town.
/town deposit [amount] - Deposits money into your town bank, which requires $10 a day to run.
/town withdraw [amount] - Withdraws money from the town bank.
/town set board [message] - Sets your town message.
/town set homeblock - Sets your town homeblock.
/town set spawn - Sets where people spawn in your town when they teleport to it. Must be done within the home block.
/town set perm {resident/ally/outsider} {build/destroy/switch/itemuse} {on/off} - Sets permission within your town.
/town toggle {explosion/fire/mobs/pvp} {on/off} - Toggles the protection features.
/plot set {shop/embassy/arena/wilds} - Sets a plot of land to a specific type.

/nation new [nationname] [capitalcity] - Creates a new nation, requires $100 per day to run a nation.
/nation list - Lists all the nations on the server.
/nation deposit - Deposits money into the national bank.
/nation withdraw - Withdraws money from the national bank.
/nation add town [townname] - Adds a town to your nation, it must be a town you own.
/nation ally [name] - Adds another nation as your ally.
/nation enemy [name] - Adds another nation as your enemy.
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