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For those that may have been linked to this, my name is Arella. I'm twenty-four, married to the love of my life, and now facing a pretty bad crisis. I've always been told to not be too proud to ask for help when I absolutely need it, and... right now I do, badly, and no matter how I've tried to handle the situation, or tried to help my husband in handling it, it just hasn't happened. We are in way over our heads here, and this is the last place we can go. I'll explain the situation as quickly as I can, so I don't bore anyone in the process.

This year has been very rough on us in a health-related way. I have a form of muscular dystrophy that limits my mobility, and that really hit me hard this year. It not only changed the entire way I handle life, but the condition itself and the pain it causes makes it impossible for me to get a job outside of the house. I've been doing various things via computer to make money ever since, while my husband works a full-time job to cover the majority of the bills. But, of course, me not being able to get out there and work caused a huge problem in our financial stability.
For the last little while, we've been doing whatever we could to cut back. We don't have tv access, we cut the home phone and only use a very limited cell plan, and scaled back grocery costs. During a job transfer for my husband, we were completely without any income for a short while, which is what put us in a bit of rent trouble.

We've looked into every rent-help program we can find, and even low income housing in our area. Unfortunately we're in that very difficult and frustrating bubble. We don't have high enough credit to get one of the cheaper-per-month condos, and we make too much annually to apply for low-income housing. Other living conditions in our area, that we have looked into intensely, are unavailable to us too. We make just enough over the limit (borderline low-income) that we can't apply for any rental help or financial help programs either. We've run out of things to sell to try to close the gap, and we've simply run out of options.

Recently we were informed that if this doesn't get paid off completely, that they're going to show up with the sheriff and force us out. If that happens, we quite literally have nowhere to go, and I only make this sort of fundraising post out of complete desperation. I literally have no idea what else to do, and the building is done with trying to work with us. This is it, and either we figure out a way to make this, or we lose our home. I know that once we pay off this balance, we will be back on our feet. We can afford our monthly payments on everything now, with some budgeting, but the problem comes from falling into a hole months ago that we've been struggling to crawl out of ever since.

$1500+ (CAD)

(by November 16th, 2012)

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Followed links over from a friend of a friend signal boosting. Bought a couple spreads. Hope it helps!! *HUGS TIGHTLY*

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No worries, hon. <3 Take care of business first, and me whenever you can.
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